National Business Leaders in Action Summit


Presented by the David and Laura Merage Foundation in partnership with Executives Partnering to Invest in Children (EPIC) and the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the Summit will Educate, Cultivate, and Equip key business leaders so they can activate and lead child care solutions in their communities.

The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Executives Partnering to Invest in Children (EPIC) are excited to host the National Business Leaders in Action Summit in Washington D.C.! This is an exclusive opportunity to learn from industry experts and innovators who are solving for workforce retention and recruitment challenges plaguing the business sector.

Attendees will get to experience networking, and programming that will leave them with actionable strategies and tools to help them support, lead, and implement child care strategies leading to greater economic success in their communities. 

Stay tuned for more details, including registration details and speaker announcements! The interest form process for the December 3rd-4th, 2024 event will open in early July.

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2023 Agenda Highlights

Learning Sessions

  • Making the Case: Economic Impacts of Child Care Supply
  • Keynote Speaker, Joseph Fuller, Managing the Future of Work: Reflections on the Role of Business in Child Care
  • Building Your Business Case for Child Care
  • Your Community as a Catalyst
  • Guild Beehive Guided Site Tour
  • Untapped Talent: Workforce and Talent Pipeline Panel
  • Employer Child Care Solutions and Pathways
  • Partnering for Advocacy and Action in Your Community
  • Business Advocacy in Developing Effective Community-Wide Strategies for Child Care Implementation and Action

Networking Sessions

  • Opening Reception @ The Rally Hotel in McGregor Square
  • Happy Hour at PNC Press Box @ Coors Field with Guided Tours

2023 Speaker Highlights

Joseph B. Fuller

Professor of Management Practice – Harvard Business School

With years of research and leadership on workforce issues, Joseph’s keynote speech brings an informed and business centered point of view to child care strategies and the workforce. His deep understanding of the landscape and challenges facing the business community reveals new and innovative pathways forward.

Natriece Bryant

Natriece Bryant

Director of State Property – Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration

With decades of experience in the public and private sector driving solutions, reform, and dialog Natriece has been a true agent of change in the Education and Community landscape. Her knowledge and current innovative approaches are leading the way in public-private partnerships in endeavors for CO and beyond.

Marissa Comart

Assistant General Counsel, Employment – Etsy

Marissa designs and implements inclusive, family-friendly workplace policies including gender-neutral, fully-paid parental leave, back-up care, and other benefits to support parents and other caregivers. Additionally, Marissa advocates for caregiving benefits for Etsy sellers, the vast majority of whom are women running micro-businesses from their homes.

Molly Day

Molly Day

Chief Operating Officer – Moms First

As the visionary leader at MomsFirst, Molly is at the forefront of household and workforce impacts of child care and family-friendly issues most critical to communities and businesses across the nation. Her in-depth insight into the future of the workforce is invaluable for business and community leaders.

Nancy Fishman

National Director – ReadyNation

As the National Director of ReadyNation, Nancy has engaged thousands of business leaders, key policy makers, and other community stakeholders on education issues at the state and federal level. Including experience in state government initiatives, public investments, and strategies across the nation.

Cheryl Oldham

Cheryl Oldham

Vice President of Education Policy – U.S. Chamber of Commerce

With over 30 years of work with local and government affairs, including the George Bush administration, Cheryl is well versed in the needs of young children, families, and businesses. She has led efforts for reform and funding at every level of education and continues to support nationwide efforts in workforce policy.

Sue Renner

Executive Director – David and Laura Merage Foundation

As the dynamic Executive Director of the David and Laura Merage Foundation, Sue brings decades of exceptional experience in early child care and education reform and supply building. Her advocacy and solutions-oriented leadership have driven results for thousands of children and families in Colorado and across the nation.

Linda Smith

Linda Smith

Director of Early Childhood Development Initiative – Bipartisan Policy Center

Linda’s exemplary leadership and experience in government offices and community impact organizations allow her to understand diverse levels of impact of child care and other social and economic imperatives, with the ability to innovate across partnerships and strategies for local sustainability, federal support, and solutions that drive successful initiatives.

Aly Richards

Aly Richards

Chief Executive Officer – Let’s Grow Kids

As the CEO of Let’s Grow Kids, Aly has championed a multitude of programs and policies that support affordable, accessible, and quality child care in Vermont – including the historic Act 76, passed this year, that invests $125 million annually into the state’s child care system. With an active network of over 350 business leaders and 40,000 supporters statewide, Aly and Let’s Grow Kids continue to advocate for a sustainable child care system that benefits all Vermonters well into the future.

Nicole Riehl

Nicole Riehl

President and CEO – Executives Partnering to Invest in Children (EPIC)

Nicole is one of the premier voices in leadership, innovation, and change in early childhood solutions and strategies. Her work in advocacy at the state, local, and Federal level and her expertise across sectors keep her input in high demand and at the forefront of what is next in our communities for child care.

Kami Welch

Kami Welch

President and CEO – Arvada Chamber of Commerce

The Arvada Chamber of Commerce is intentionally engaging the business community to think differently about the prosperity of Arvada’s future through action and advocacy in the business community. Under Kami’s leadership, the B.O.L.D Initiative is taking strides to collaborate across industries and local leadership to support and develop critical pieces of the community including child care, as one of its main focus.




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