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Today’s employers are increasingly aware that the unmet child care needs of their current and prospective workforce are negatively impacting their business, but few know where to begin, the true nature of the challenges, or the role they play.

EPIC addresses this critical gap, helping employers to understand the child care needs of their workforce and to identify and implement solutions that support their employees and their business. As a neutral partner, EPIC has no professional affiliation with potential solutions that employers may choose to implement.

As a trusted and unbiased expert in early childhood education, EPIC has helped more than 45 employers develop tailored child care solutions for their employees.


While each client is unique, a full-suite engagement with EPIC guides employers through three key phases:

Identify the Need: In this crucial initial phase, you will establish a clear rationale for exploring child care solutions. EPIC will provide a comprehensive understanding of the local child care landscape and pinpoint the specific needs of your employees. Additionally, you will become familiar with the child care business model, recognizing both its opportunities and challenges.

Develop the Plan: EPIC guides your organization in identifying tailored solutions that meet both employee and business needs while considering the broader community impact. This phase includes detailed financial modeling, facility assessments, and strategic planning for partnerships and oversight, ensuring your approach is robust and sustainable.

Implement the Solution: EPIC supports you in developing service provider requirements and a thorough RFP and evaluation process, grounded in informed decisions. You will be set up for seamless solution implementation, with a smooth handoff to solution owners. EPIC will equip you to manage external engagements effectively and position your organization as a community advocate for a stronger early childhood ecosystem.

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For employers starting an exploration of child care support, these resources offer practical information and context for employer-supported child care:

  • EPIC’s Employer-Based Child Care Feasibility and Assessment Guide
    Developed in partnership with the Colorado Department of Early Childhood, this innovative guide offers a step-by-step process for motivated employers to collect information and develop a plan for employer-based care.
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Childcare Roadmap for Employers
    A series of videos that provide an overview of the various types of employer solutions and considerations for implementation.
  • Boston Consulting Group and Moms First Report
    Published research documenting the positive return on investment from a breadth of employer child care investments.
  • Design Lab is a concept to completion workshop series for employers, community leaders, government and other key stakeholders to assess, plan and implement child care solutions in their organizations and communities.
  • Coming late 2024: EPIC, in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, is launching a new site designed to help employers identify the child care solutions that best meet their unique needs. Stay tuned for the opportunity to explore this valuable tool and discover customized solutions for your organization.


EPIC’s diverse client base includes both public and private sector employers of all sizes. Our Colorado roots have allowed us to partner with a wide range of employers to develop tailored child care solutions.

Case Study: Transforming Underutilized Space into a Vital Community Resource


During the pandemic, Mile High United Way realized that their conference space was underutilized. Seeking to make a more meaningful impact with their facility, they envisioned repurposing the space for a beneficial employee and community benefit.


Mile High United Way partnered with EPIC to explore the best use for their available space. EPIC conducted a comprehensive feasibility assessment, provided facility and financial modeling, and managed a blinded operator RFP process to identify the ideal partner.


In June 2024, the Sparks Center opened its doors. This new child care center now serves 60 children, primarily infants and toddlers, from both employee families and the wider community. Operated in partnership with a local provider, the Sparks Center stands as a testament to innovative space utilization and community support.

Case Study: Addressing Child Care Challenges to Attract and Retain Top Talent


Community Hospital of Grand Junction, with a workforce of 1,300, faced challenges in attracting and retaining top talent in part due to a county-wide shortfall of 4,000 child care slots. Recognizing that child care was a major hurdle for many current and prospective employees, the hospital sought a viable solution.


To develop an on-site child care facility, Community Hospital partnered with EPIC. EPIC provided support throughout the process, including financial modeling, strategic advice, and guidance on developing the operator RFP.


The hospital collaborated with a local early childhood operator eager to expand and utilized a vacant plot of land on the hospital campus. This initiative resulted in the creation of 100 new child care spots for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years old. Adventure Academy opened in September 2023, primarily serving the children of Community Hospital employees, while also offering slots to families throughout Mesa County. This new facility has significantly bolstered the hospital’s ability to attract and retain top talent by addressing a critical community need.

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