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A Catalyst for Change

EPIC is a group of prestigious business executives partnering to invest in children. As leaders in their companies and industries, our Members are leaving a legacy of true impact and lasting change.


What’s good for the child is good for business, and EPIC partners with employers to help them support the workforce of today by finding the best solutions to care for the workforce of tomorrow. Learn more about our Strategic Framework.

Our network of business leaders is committed to a future where child care and workforce preparedness are not roadblocks to business success and economic growth. Together we are initiating change and shaping the future of Colorado through action-oriented conversations with business associations, government leaders, and other organizations to raise awareness and increase business engagement in early childhood.

Because Colorado is among the least affordable states for child care and supply does not meet current demand, access to quality care is limited for many children – and the costs to the community are great. We know that:

  • An investment in early child care and education can produce an $8.60 return for each $1 invested.
  • Investments in early child care and education have substantial impact on educational success, as well as health, poverty, workforce development and the economy.
  • Children participating in quality child care and education are more likely to stay away from teen pregnancy, drugs and criminal activity.
  • Parents – the current workforce – are more productive when they are not concerned about their children during the work day.

When employees’ children are cared for, our society thrives and companies are able to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and foster a more loyal, happier workforce.

Leadership & Education

Increasing the business community’s awareness of the importance of early care and education and engagement efforts

  • Guiding public will efforts through leadership, idea generation, and solution implementation
  • Collaborating with EPIC Members and business organizations through events and communications to promote education and action

Child Care Infrastructure

Engaging employers in solutions that meet the infrastructure, capital and workforce needs for sustainability and the provision of child care and early education services

  • Promoting access to affordable child care real estate and facilities
  • Fostering public/private partnerships that support investments in early childhood and infrastructure


Helping employers attract and retain the best workforce, while supporting environments that enable families and children to thrive

  • Supporting businesses and communities in improving access to quality, affordable child care through tailored consulting and advising
  • Offering resources and technical expertise that lead to implementation of family friendly policies that work for both employers and employees


Shaping and advancing policies that support EPIC’s strategic priorities and programs

  • Engaging business leaders for testimony, op-eds, and legislation advocacy
  • Informing regulation (rule) and public funding


The future of business starts with you.

Our members are leaders of companies who…

  • Recognize the positive impact of child care and education on quality of the workforce and their contribution
  • Support families and children
  • Desire to attract and retain the best talent
  • Want to improve the workforce of the future through early education
  • Believe in workforce quality and diversity
  • Want to make an impact as a leader of social change

If this sounds like you, we have tools to help you succeed for greater impact to your business and society.

Need help developing ideas or implementing new workforce supports? EPIC offers consulting services to employers and community organizations for specialized projects related to child care initiatives and project implementation.

Past projects include working with employers to implement new child care incentives during open enrollment and supporting the successful design, regulatory approval, and launch of on-site child care services for employees.



Did you know in Colorado individuals and businesses can claim a 50% state income tax credit for qualified contributions to child care providers up to $200,000?

Colorado leads the nation in providing a tax-advantaged tool for child care through the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (CCTC) used to:

  • Establish and operate licensed child care facilities
  • Fund grant programs for parents needing help to pay for child care
  • Supplement professional development costs for individuals working in the child care sector


To reverse the trend of child care program closures and the disappearance of child care slots across Colorado, we are taking action to change the child care business model in a way that supports a healthy, sustainable bottom line while ensuring high quality early learning experiences for children and the ability for families to work.

Working to decrease the expenses and increase access to start-up capital and revenues will allow businesses to meet their workforce needs by providing quality child care and long-term early learning services.

Decrease Expenses

Affordable & Secure Real Estate

Increase Revenue

Capital Financing & Fund Development

Clear the Path

Regulatory Alignment & Innovation

We are inviting business leaders from real estate development, homebuilding, finance, construction and other industries along with philanthropic, governmental, non-profit partners and child care business operators working within the sector to join us to create innovative solutions that will improve access to affordable, high quality child care and early learning.


COVID-19 shined a spotlight on the fragility of the early care and education sector. With the risk of the pandemic decimating entire industries, we consulted and helped coordinate, and navigate for COVID response entities such as the Colorado Emergency Child Care Collaborative and the Keep the Lights On Fund.

The EPIC team helped alleviate supply chain issues for child care business owners by convening partners at The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, Mile High United Way and other organizations to fund and coordinate the purchase and distribution of over $170,000 in cleaning and sanitation supplies.

To meet this critical need, a public-private partnership effort was established with the goal of providing 1) cleaning supplies and 2) direct financial assistance to licensed family child care homes, centers, and school-age programs statewide, and thus “keep the lights on”.

It takes all of us – nonprofits, philanthropy, government, and business leaders – to help stabilize these vital small businesses and reduce further closures. To get involved or learn more please visit Mile High United Way.


EPIC has championed and contributed to the passage of successful legislation in Colorado that led to the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (CCTC), Funding for Full-day Kindergarten and Universal Preschool.

We are actively advocating for:

  • Creating a new early childhood department to put families and children first
  • Expanding preschool and early childhood care and education opportunities
  • Enabling child care providers to manage their real estate costs so they can afford to keep their programs open and pay the wages necessary to attract and retain qualified workers
  • Building the child care work force

We invite policy makers, legislators, lobbyists, and advocates — those who support families and economic growth – to join our cause, advance policies and build infrastructure that supports the workforce of today while developing the workforce of tomorrow.


EPIC supported Proposition EE, which appeared on the November 2020 ballot. More than two thirds of Coloradoans voted in support of this legislation. Proposition EE will tax tobacco and vaping products to boost public health, support public K-12 schools, and provide universal preschool in Colorado. Proposition EE is a win-win-win for Colorado. List your organization in our Business Community Priorities for Early Education to further support this initiative.


Ensuring the workforce has access to quality, safe, and affordable child care is critical to ensuring equitable supports for children and families in addition to our economic recovery from this pandemic. We also know many workers in health care and other service industries rely on family child care homes to provide care for their children given their shift schedules and frequent need for evening, weekend, and extended hour care.

This bill aligns fragmented and burdensome regulations simply by requiring local regulatory entities to treat family childcare homes (FCCH) as residences for regulatory purposes such as zoning, fire, life safety, and building codes. Given that state licensing regulations already require FCCHs to meet comprehensive  health and safety standards to ensure the wellbeing of all children in care, this change will prevent additional or conflicting regulations from being placed on FCCH providers above state licensing requirements. In doing so, the legislature can help increase the availability of quality affordable childcare within communities throughout Colorado and boost the economy by enabling working families to maintain employment.

What People


EPIC is changing Colorado’s future for the better and driving the economy forward by tackling the challenges of affordable, high-quality child care to support our state’s workforce. Together, we can help companies support a stronger workforce today, while increasing access to quality child care and early education that will set Colorado’s workforce of tomorrow ahead of the pack.

Quality early care and education is rare and expensive. EPIC – a coalition of smart, compassionate business leaders – is working to change that. Helping my employees address the wellbeing of their children has had a positive impact on increasing productivity and lowering turnover. Putting early care and education at the top of our national priorities is not just a moral imperative, it is also a financial one.

EPIC is vital to the business community, today and into multiple future generations. There is nothing more important than giving each child born in Colorado a chance to thrive and become a future business leader within the Colorado community.

EPIC is making a significant impact to break the chain of generational poverty through early childhood intervention. Their advocacy and workplace initiatives are making a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of so many children.

I am a very proud founding member of EPIC. Mile High United Way knows there is no more important issue to the business community than early child care and education because it drives the Colorado economy.

As longtime champions of accessible, quality early childhood education and care, PNC Bank and EPIC both understand how critical this work is not only to young people, but to the future of our community and economy.

EPIC is a unique advocacy organization that bridges the divide between the business sector and very young children. They mobilize business leaders and equip their members with resources and techniques to better support working parents.

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